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With an abundance of financial information available, it can be overwhelming to determine the most appropriate path to take.

The word ‘Maζi’ means ‘together’ in the Greek language. At Mazi Wealth, we work together, with you to design your best life.

Our approach involves a proven process that helps us gain an in-depth understanding of your unique situation, clarify your financial goals, and provides a roadmap that cuts through the complexity. Through this process, we empower you to make informed decisions that align with your circumstances. Moreover, we develop a customized financial plan that can be adapted and evolves as your life progresses.

We are Brisbane based but offer advice Australia wide. We have clients all around Australia.

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Family & Education Planning

We can help you map out your family plan and work out how much you need to save for pregnancy, parental leave and education planning.

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Personal Protection & Insurance

You insure your car and you insure your home, but the most important asset is YOU and your ability to earn an income.

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Superannuation is one of the biggest assets you will own and it is one of the most tax effective ways to provide income to you in retirement.

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Retirement Planning

At this time in your life, you should have the confidence that you can afford a comfortable lifestyle to support your retirement adventures.

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Financial Independence

Retiring early (or becoming 'work optional') can be achievable with the right planning.

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Buying Property

Helping you understand how you can buy a property (or conduct a major renovation) and still achieve your other goals and have a comfortable lifestyle.

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Estate Planning

An estate plan is more than a will. It is about understanding who will control your assets and understanding who will make key decisions for you in the event you are unable to make them for yourself.

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"Deline is warm and friendly and always makes us feel welcome and comfortable. She explains complex financial concepts using everyday language and easy to follow diagrams so the concepts are easier to understand. Deline is very thorough in her planning process. She asks us to complete risk profiles and does a comprehensive review of our financial position every time we review with her. Deline always gives us a number of options to consider before designing our financial plans and does not pressure us at all. She is clearly knowledgeable, independent and ethical in her practice. We have followed her advice for a number of years and this has been very effective in helping us with our retirement. We have recommended, and will continue to recommend Deline to family and friends because both my husband I trust her and feel reassured about our financial position after following her advice."

"We have had the pleasure of working with Deline this past year, and will continue into the future. She was approachable in every area and welcomed any question that my wife and I had. If, at first we didn’t understand, she would not move forward until we grasped every concept. We would leave every meeting with peace of mind. We look forward to continuing our financial journey with Deline."

"Magdeline has given us advice with regard to self managed and industry super funds and assisted us to set up our retirement funds and investments . Her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and care was excellent - she explained everything clearly and was patient with our many questions . Magdeline was prompt in responding to all our phone calls and emails. We are very confident that the advice she gave was appropriate for us and I would thoroughly recommend her as a financial advisor."

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